Rapid Prototyping of Interactive Audio

All works have been delivered as assessments to lectures in interface design with the topic audio as feedback channel and combining sound and vision. Students from the master program Communication, Media, Sound, and Interaction Design at FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences.

Simple Hacks

Quick hacks and prototyping scenarios
Social drinking glasses
Electro Rain
Early Morning
Meat Reminder
Sit Down
Truth or Dare
Poor Voodoo Doll
Sweet Scream
Wind Wheel

Visual Music

Sonifications of animations versus animated sounds

Audio Objects

Demonstrations of interactive audio objects
Three Sound Objects
Jam Machine
Pocket Radio
Sound Harp Pots
Coffee Party
All My Little Ducklings (On Ice)
Sound Brush
Sound Billard
Mickey Moonhopper

Looper Dooper

Cooking Spoon