Jean-Marc Duchenne is born in 1959. After classical musical studies at Dijon (clarinet, composition, licence of musicology) he has learned acousmatic in the class of Denis Dufour at Lyon. 
Since the late 80s, his aesthetical and technical researches on space and his compositions have continuously fed each other. This has led him to develop his own creation tools, like his studio-acousmonium in the early 90s (62 channels today), the series of AcousModules multichannel plugins in the 2000s, and the original speakers ensembles that constitute the AcousMobile.
Concerts, installations or live situations, his compositions always tend to make sound feeling as touchable images. Working with high number of speakers allows him to create sensible sound constructions, from nearly narrative “movies-for-the-ear” to abstract mobile architectures. The proximity to the listeners consitutes also an important aspect of his work, where he can combine the pleasure of discovery with the experimentation of new artistic forms (read and listen on
Depending on the period, he has also taught acousmatics, digital sound techniques and MAO in different schools and universities.

Jean Marc Duchenne