Lisa McGuire (*1991) – dancer, performer, gyrokinesis trainer. Got certification in IGTanz Steiermark, GYROKINESIS(R), GYROTONIC, studied in the summer-school of Martha Graham (New York, USA), attended private ballet classes along with Afro Modern Cuban dance class, as well as contemporary performance classes of Valentina Moar, Bostjan Ivanjsic, Tomas Danielis and others. She took part in the La Strada festival (Graz, 2020) in the choreographic project of Kitt Johnson, choreographic project by Liz King (Graz, Austria, 2015), Refugium Graz (IGTanz), interactive dance-performance by Bühnenwerkstatt (Graz, Austria, 2017). Lisa had successful interactive performance improvisations with live musicians, sculpture, theatrical performances, she was filmed for dance videos and advertisements. 

Lisa McGuire