French composer born in 1958 in Avignon

His multiple tastes and influences have led him to compose for many fields : acousmatic music, choir music, instrumental music ranging from solos to symphonic orchestra, chamber music with electronics . He also works for Dance : Compagnie La Place Blanche, Bernard Menaut, Jean Marc Matos, Susan Buirge, Bernard Glandier, Julyen Hamilton, Georges Appaix… Theater and Film productions. In charge of the electroacoustic studios at the Cirm in Nice  from 1983 to 1996 he will be musical assistant for composers, among them : Jean Etienne Marie, Michel Redolfi, Luciano Berio, Robert Ashley… He founded the « Studio Instrumental » where performers are working on new relationships between musician’s physical control of his instrument and the sounds produced, based on mobile technology. His work defends the realtime continuous control of a large number of parameters linked together, a virtuosity “from inside the sound itself”. He likes to share different musical styles with performers involved in both written and improvised music. Thus he played with : Armand Angster, Barre Phillips, Raymond Boni, Yves Robert, Jean Paul Celea, Claude Crousier, Michel Doneda, Alex Grillo, Henry Fourès, Vinko Globokar, David Wessel, Joëlle Léandre, Jacques Di Donato, Jean Marc Baccarini…

Michel Pascal is professor of electroacoustic music composition at the Conservatoire de Nice, France where he has developped a large loudspeakers orchestra (34.1) in a similar spirit of the Ina-GRM acousmonium, and a recent 24.2 channels immersive music space, named Micadome (UCA Idex Jedi fund).

Michel Pascal