for live-electronics, dance and video (2019-2020)

Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) is a german geographer, naturalist, explorer and the first person to describe the phenomenon and cause of human-induced climate change, in 1800 and again in 1831, based on observations generated during his travels.

How could he react on the climate changes today?

In the piece a letter to Humboldt, we want to direct people’s attention to the beauty and – at the same time – the vulnerability of nature. The three parts of the piece are explorations of nature and climate problems nowadays.

Part 1 (presented during the concert) explores the underwater world and the problem of drying;

Part 2 is focused on the human’s overuse of minerals;

Part 3 is centred around the topic of deforestation.

The dancer is consequently taking the different roles of traveller, explorer, underwater plant, crystals’ cave worker, forest’s conductor and the tree.

We don’t show the violence,- we reflect on it artistically.

Alisa Kobzar

Alisa Kobzar (*1989) – composer, multimedia artist, teacher, graduated (MA) from Kyiv National Music Academy (Ukraine) in 2014 (department of composition, instrumentation and musical informational technologies). Since 2018 she lives in Graz (Austria), studies Computer music in Graz University of Arts (with prof. G.Eckel) and works within the research project “Inter_agency”. Alisa took part in different international composers’ masterclasses on instrumental and electronic music, festivals, workshops, residencies. Her music is performed in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Ireland, Portugal, Italy. Her compositions include instrumental, chamber, symphonic, electronic, electroacoustic music, multidisciplinary and interactive multimedia projects. 

Lisa McGuire

Lisa McGuire (*1991) – dancer, performer, gyrokinesis trainer. Got certification in IGTanz Steiermark, GYROKINESIS(R), GYROTONIC, studied in the summer-school of Martha Graham (New York, USA), attended private ballet classes along with Afro Modern Cuban dance class, as well as contemporary performance classes of Valentina Moar, Bostjan Ivanjsic, Tomas Danielis and others. She took part in the La Strada festival (Graz, 2020) in the choreographic project of Kitt Johnson, choreographic project by Liz King (Graz, Austria, 2015), Refugium Graz (IGTanz), interactive dance-performance by Bühnenwerkstatt (Graz, Austria, 2017). Lisa had successful interactive performance improvisations with live musicians, sculpture, theatrical performances, she was filmed for dance videos and advertisements. 

Duo rotkäppchen

Duo rotkäppchen (Alisa Kobzar – composer, multimedia artist; Lisa McGuire – dancer, performer) is an intermedial collaboration between dance, music and visual art, artistic result of which happens in real-time and never repeats in the same way.

The main idea based on developing the language of nonverbal communication between the dancer and composer/visual artist while active co-following (active listening, active seeing) and immediate reactions.

Using the means of technologically extended art these reactions could be performed both with the help of human factor and with the help of pre-programmed sensors’ data, derived from human actions (diverse movement, sound, picture analysis).

Before the performances as today’s representations of the project’s state, the project-oriented reaction-communication chains are developed. Technology in this multimedia collaboration extends/stretches the art, supports the indirect connections between diverse art-forms, bringing up as a result “melted”, merged individual and always different art form.


a letter to Humboldt (I)
Concert Extended Realities

September 15, 2020
20:00 - 00:00