Elektroacoustic composition for 6 channels (2010/2019) 

„For time measurement, systems are used that periodically return to the same state. ..The time is determined by counting the periods… Time, and thus frequency, its mathematical reciprocal value, has a clear, irreversible direction in contrast to other physical quantities…“ 
For Akzeleration (ZEITgezeichnet 1) I used a tool from my audio program to draw waveforms and multiply them to produce sounds. I don’t use any generators, just some basic functions of the computer. The piece is literally drawn in detail as well as in form in all its parameters over the surface of the program. 
All direction, delay and movement effects of the drawn sounds result from their arrangement due to the visible level and phase constellation. There are no artificial reverberation or echo effects. As a result, the sounds all have a very individual, immediate character. The piece unfolds appropriately only in a 6-channel reproduction. 

Ralf Hoyer

Ralf Hoyer, born 1950 in Berlin / sound engineer studies at the Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler” Berlin/ 1977-1980 master student for composition at the Akademie der Künste with Ruth Zechlin and Georg Katzer, since then freelance / compositions for chamber music ensembles, choir, orchestra, chamber opera and electronic music / music theatre installations, multimedia projects and sound installations / various prizes, scholarships and working stays / founding chairman of the Initiative Neue Musik Berlin 1991-93 / 2010-2013 chairman of the Berlin Society for New Music / commissions from international festivals, theatres and radio stations, performances in various European countries. Rome Scholarship of the FRG 2015.




Akzeleration (ZEITgezeichnet 1)

September 16, 2020
20:00 - 00:00