8 channel fixed media (2018)

Anamorphosis involves the processing of two contrasting structures, which are emphasized in the first part of the composition. Both are based on the brief sound of a wooden door which, however, does not appear in its original form in the work. The structural nature of this sound, a rapid sequence of short repetitions varying in length, leads to the spectral and temporal variations of these structures, which are tonally developed in the second and third, more reprise-like sections. Spatialisation: Ambisonic.
Anamorphosis was awarded first prize by the jury as well as the prize of the audience at the international composition competition of the “21st Weimar Spring Festival for New Music 2020” (Weimarer Frühjahrstage für Neue Musik 2020). In August 2020 Anamorphosis was also awarded at the 23rd international composition competition “Destellos 2020” in Argentina (Honorary Mention).

Clemens von Reusner

Clemens von Reusner, born in 1957, is a composer and sound artist. At the center of not only his electroacoustic music, but also his radio plays are sounds that are generated electronically and those discovered at particular places. The latter are mostly derived

from atypical situations, such as the soundscape of an industrial port, places with special technical equipment or nocturnal soundscapes of a large city. In the late 1980s he developed the KANDINSKY MUSIC PAINTER music software.

He has been commissioned to compose works for radio and his works have been frequently performed in Asia, Europe and North and South America. He has been invited to the World New Music Days in 2011 (Zagreb), in 2017 (Vancouver) and in 2019 (Tallinn).

Clemens von Reusner is a member of the German Composers’ Association (DKV) and the Society for New Music (GNM), as well as of the German Society for Electroacoustic Music (DEGEM). He has also worked as a curator and served as a jury member at international electroacoustic music festivals.




September 16, 2020
20:00 - 00:00