Micadôme project uses an immersive listening cube of 24.2 loudspeakers within 50m2 and 4 levels in elevation, for various research / creation investigations, in real musical situation. One of the ideas is to modify the social listening space compared to the traditional concert, by placing a single listener at the exact position where the composer has precisely designed the composition of the space. The music is therefore no longer played during a single performance, but projected a bit like it would be during multiple movie screenings, for several weeks, on a fixed schedule. There are many immersive installations in which listeners can interact with the sound spatialization of their environment. But in this case, it is more a sound art object that the audience can explore in a free temporality, rather than a composition of music in which, like in the concert, the composer keeps the total control of the time passing. Micadome makes possible for him to foresee, that part of the movement of certain sources of his spatial composition will directly be given to play by a single listener, bypassing the mediation of a professional interpreter. Thus appears a new type of musical interpretation in which variables are precisely chosen by the composer, but controlled at will by the listener with adequate interfaces, therefore put in a situation of extended reality. Micadôme uses as well VBAP and LBAP algorithms which describes at the same time the volume of a cube and the surface of a sphere. The algorithms are managed by the ServerGris developed at Université de Montréal. This demo will compare the pros and cons of two setups: wireless multitouch Ipad vs Gametrack, a sort of extended double 3D joystick with strings attached, that has been designed for musicotherapy sessions with Michel Pascal’s piece Requins.



DEMO: Micadôme
Posters/Demos II

September 16, 2020
15:45 - 17:15