Polyrhythms, Polymeters, and polytempo are compositional techniques that describe pules which are desynchronous between two or more sequences of music. Digital systems permit the sequencing of notes to an near infinite degree of resolution, permitting an exponential number of complex rhythmic attributes in the music. Exploring such techniques within existing popular music sequencing software and notations can be challenging to generally work with and notate effectively. Step sequencers provide a simple and effective interface for exploring any arbitrary division of time into an even number of steps, with such interfaces easily expressible on grid based music controllers. The paper therefore has two differing but related outputs. Firstly to demonstrate a framework for working with multiple physical grid controllers forming a larger unified gird, and provide a consolidated set of tools for programming music instruments for it. Secondly to demonstrate how such a system provides a low-entry threshold for exploring polyrhytms, polymeters and polytempo relationships using desynchronised step sequencers. The paper is presented as a work in progress.