for 24 channels

«You wave your hands like fluttering wings,…but you cannot fly!».

The piece is inspired by all aspects of fluttering: Abnormal heartbeats, The world´s fluttering drive into disorder, Rapid permutations of something that that might be a melody trying to reach the sky but is trapped like a Flutter Echo between two parallel, reflecting surfaces common in many rooms. The major sound effect is the extensive use of an algorithm simulating not only the rhythmic and directional aspects of flutter echoes, but more important:  the rapid, gradual change of timbre, (which in real rooms is due to diffraction and the transformation of spherical waves into plane waves), giving the mid-/high frequency “tail” typical of flutter echoes.  This material is then manipulated further, with extreme settings that of course do not appear in real rooms. In order to perceive the “reflections between the “walls”, the piece is a mixture of two layers: a quadrophonic layer and a more overall layer incorporating all loudspeakers. For more info: see, including a video of a technical presentation at Computer Music Conference in New York 2019.

Tor Halmrast

Tor Halmrast (b.1951 in Sarpsborg, Norway), Composer and Acoustician. Selected works: “Alfa og Romeo” (RadiOpera, Norw. Radio Symph. Orch. Awarded European Broadcasting Union´s Prix Italy). “Music for the Norw. Pavilion at the World´s Fair” in Seville, price for best composition/sound installation). “Retning” (Award in EBU Rostrum). Arranger and studio-musician (Spelemannsprisen/Norw. Grammy). Acoustical design of  buildings for Opera, Theatre, Concert, Music Education and Studio. Numerous scientific papers on room acoustics.  Assoc. Professor at both University of Oslo/Musicology and Norw. Academy of Music.




September 16, 2020
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