Augmented Reality (AR) has developed to be a popular and exciting technology domain, gaining notable public interest from early 2009 to the present day. AR applications have traditionally been focused upon paradigms that are visually led. In this paper, we document an Audio Augmented Reality (AAR) project, which draws upon the concept of soundscapes and how they might be enhanced via the application of music and sound technologies. This work is concerned with the augmentation of nature soundscapes and explores how this might be used to enhance public understanding of the wildlife around them. At present, we are concerned with the augmentation of spaces with biophony. Two examples of acoustic augmented reality are described: the initial pilot study to investigate the feasibility of the approach and the presentation of an installation at the Timber International Forest Festival 2019. A technical description of each setup is provided alongside our own reflection and participant feedback, garnered from a soundwalk inspired approach to evaluation by a group of participants at the festival.


Nature Soundscapes: An Audio Augmented Reality Experience
Broadcast II - Auralization, Installations & Soundscapes

September 15, 2020
14:00 - 15:15