electroacoustic audio_visual composition, 24 channel ambisonics sound, negative vinyls and turntables (2020)

The Negative Vinyl is not a normal record. It is the first vinyl that represents a real analog negative sound of traditional classical compositions.The records are produced by casting 2-component plastic on records of classical composers like Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Mozart etc. The resulting imprint is physically and acoustically the negative of the original composition. Even the grooves and edges of the vinyl have taken each other’s places. By doing this the principle of a photo negative was transferred into an audio composition. For this work Heidi Hörsturz used 2-component plastics and laser-technology. The grooves of the vinyl are exactly antithetical from the original records. The whole composition is inverted. Where normally the grooves were before are now the highest points of the vinyl. Therefore the needle of the turntable is constantly on search between the vinyl-grooves, combining the sound of one groove with the delayed sound of the previous one. Heidi Hörsturz presented this development among others at the MTF Music Tech Fest during the Musikmesse Frankfurt and at the Art Werk – Forum for Creative Industries in the Contemporary Art Center Winzavod in Moscow. 

Heidi Hörsturz

Heidi Hörsturz deals with the various facets of the moving image and sound. She works in a wide range of computer animations, audiovisual performances and multimedia installations. Her works examine the influence of new technologies and the social questions that have arisen as a result of digital development. With her approach of art as a medium for exploring social coexistence and as a means of ending the structural suppression of people, fantasies and visions, she takes the media overload of stimuli to the absurd. After completing her studies at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in the Netherlands she has presented her work worldwide. ICA London, Multimedia Art Museum Moscow, CultureHub NYC, FILE Sao Paulo, European Media Arts Festival, Athens Digital Arts Festival and Electro Mechanica St Petersburg among others. Currently, she is investigating the intersections between hyper identities, digital culture and sonic art.