We present a study of spatial sonification of multidimensional data using a spatial mask and an immersive high-density loudspeaker array. The study participants are asked to identify edges and perceived center of 2D shapes projected across the perimeter of an exocentric environment. The results show that the phase modulation technique results in less accurate user responses than the amplitude modulation or combined modulation techniques. No significant differences are found between stationary and mobile-user scenarios when comparing the angular miss distances of the perceived center of sonified shapes, but significant differences are identified in locating their left and top edges. Further research is warranted to determine why properties of some shapes are easier to pinpoint than others, and how sonification may be improved to minimize such discrepancies.


Perception of Spatial Data Properties in an Immersive Multi-Layered Auditory Environment
Broadcast II - Auralization, Installations & Soundscapes

September 15, 2020
14:00 - 15:15