Acousmatic, octophonic (2016-2018)

Like Dave Bowman, Major Tom embarks on a journey through the cosmos and at the same time by the metaphysical space to a distant Orion, leaving behind a multidimensional Blue, which, however, will accompany him forever…

This acousmatic piece was originally composed in stereophonic format between January and July and revised during November 2016 at the University of Sheffield Sound Studios. The current octophonic version was composed during the first days of May 2018 at the same studios for a concert with the theme ‘acousmatic and rock’, curated by Jorge Sad Levi for the Acousmonium of Blind Sound Experience – Fundación Mercedes Sosa, in Buenos Aires, 1st June 2018. To render the multichannel version, it was used the spatialization software SuperDiffuse by James Surgenor,

Mental and physical journeys into space and time are the topics of this work, linked to the extended realities conference theme.

Dedicated to David Bowie.

Alejandro Albornoz

With a previous education in visual arts, Alejandro Albornoz studied electroacoustic composition with Rodrigo Sigal and Federico Schumacher and works on acousmatic and live electronics since 2004. His music has been performed in several festivals like Synthèse (Bourges), JIEM (Madrid), BIMESP (São Paulo), Sonoimágenes (Buenos Aires), Sound Junction (Sheffield), Evimus (Saarbrücken) and the Semaine Internationale de la Musique Electroacoustique (Lille). He is an active member of the Latinamerican Sound Art Network. Usually he composes for performing arts. He has been producer of several concerts, meetings and publications, highlighting the Festival of Electroacoustic Music of Chile “Ai-maako” and collections of Chilean electroacoustic music. He has a PhD in Electroacoustic Composition obtained at the Department of Music at the University of Sheffield, under the supervision of Adam Stanović. The central topics in his research are the human voice, poetry and language. 



Tom… Far… Orion… Blue…

September 16, 2020
20:00 - 00:00